Passionate Tax Experts assisting Businesses, Executives, Independent Professionals, Trusts & Estates

Tax Help for Individuals Throughout the Year

Tax Help for Individuals Throughout the Year

Bailey Stube & Glaser is a tax accounting firm with experienced CPAs dedicated to helping individuals decrease tax liabilities by itemizing qualified deductions, restructuring income and employing comprehensive retirement planning. The staff at Bailey Stube & Glaser works with only one mission in mind – to benefit client’s bottom line.

With in-office appointments, client portal and remote accessibility, our clients get the personalized connection they need whether they are located within Fairfax or surrounding Vienna, Reston or Tysons Corner areas.

Core Tax Services
  • Tax filing and planning for Executives, Business Owners and Independent Professionals. IRS uses marginal tax rates for calculating tax liabilities for individuals and families which means the more money you make, the higher tax you pay. Tax planning is the most valuable commitment one could make to ensure that every opportunity in tax reduction is ultimately taken advantage of.
  • Financial Planning. Planning your finances early on is essential to achieving long-term financial stability and may have a detrimental effect on current tax liabilities. Retirement plans have been designed as tax incentives to motivate people save for a long haul. There are many types of retirement plans and the most popular include IRA, Roth IRA, SEP, SIMPLE, 401K, 403B and Cash Balance plans.
  • Estates and Trusts tax compliance and planning. It is important for individuals to structure assets into a living trust in order to avoid probate later. Bailey Stube & Glaser will plan for distributions before and after death, deal with inheritance compliance, and help file the proper tax forms to keep all involved parties in compliance with IRS regulations.
  • Stock Options and Grants. The buying and selling of stocks will affect your personal income, and ultimately your year-end tax requirements. Profit and loss are important tax considerations when reporting your yearly income. There are guidance rules for incentive stock option plans (ISOP), stock purchase plans (SPP), stock grants or awards in which you receive compensation from your employer for a job well done, and we can help you identify them.
Contact our Fairfax CPAs

While our CPAs could file taxes in all 50 states, they are conveniently located in Fairfax Town Center, VA. BSG serves the Metropolitan DC business community, including Tysons Corner, Reston, and Vienna. For high quality assistance with your personal taxes and year-round financial planning, call or schedule a consultation with our CPAs today. Our team of dedicated professionals will work to limit your financial liabilities and whether by phone, in person, through email, or however is most convenient for you.




Tax services for executives, entrepreneurs and independent professionals that target tax optimization and planning.


Tax accounting for businesses ensures timely federal, state and local tax filing, as well as comprehensive tax planning.


Tax compliance for not-for-profit organizations begins with client education and transpires into a financial management tool.


Tax accounting services for trusts and estates provided by CPAs and tax attorneys focused on asset protection.


B&A supports the audit process through solid preparation for the audit, develops timely and complete responses to auditor requests and helps implement audit recommendations.

CFO Services

Effective accounting leaders of B&A excel at performing Controller and CFO functions for growing for-profit and non-profit organizations. They thrive on improvement of clients' bottomline.


A non-profit’s 990 is more than just an information return. You can use it to tell the public your organization’s accomplishments.

Bartel & Associates clients span the globe and each client seeks solutions to a wide array of needs. Some of
our domestic and international clients include:
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